Ceylon Bank Employees’ Union (CBEU) is the single largest politically independent trade union operating across the banking sector of Sri Lanka

Our Story & objectives

What is CBEU?

Ceylon Bank Employees’ Union (CBEU) is the single largest politically independent trade union operating across the banking sector of Sri Lanka. We are a trade union registered under the Trade Unions Ordinance No. 14 of 1935 (as amended) and our Registration number is 1151.

‘Single largest’ means that CBEU has presence in 18 out of 33 Banks operating across the country. Our Membership exceeds 28,000 which is more than 50% of country’s banking professionals. CEBU is the only trade union which has established such a presence in the local banking sector.

When we say politically independent, CBEU is not affiliated to nor does it act in the interest of a political party. CBEU acts only in the interest of its Members. However, it does not restrict CBEU from dealing with any politically sensitive issue, especially at national level which is relevant and sensitive to citizens of the country as a whole.


Our Member Branch Unions

1.Bank of Ceylon

2.Commercial Bank of Ceylon PLC

3.Habib Bank Ltd

4.Housing Development and Financing Corporation Bank

5.Hatton National Bank PLC

6.Hongkong and Shangahi Banking Corporation Ltd

7.Lankaputhra Development Bank

8.Merchant Bank of Sri Lanka and Finance PLC

9.National Savings Bank

10.Peoples’ Bank

11.Regional Development Bank

12.State Bank of India

13.Sanasa Development Bank

14.Seylan Bank PLC

15.Sri Lanka Savings Bank

16.State Mortgage and Investment Bank

17.Indian Overseas Bank

18.Indian Bank Branch

19.Standard Charted Bank Branch

20.Ceylon Bank Employees' Union

Our Objectives

  • To secure an effective organization in the Union of employees in the Banks in Sri Lanka.

    CBEU membership is open to all employees in the banking sector irrespective of their official designation, gender, political belief, ethnicity, cast or creed. We always strive to promote our membership at all banks by establishing Branch Unions in each bank of the country. Thereby, we promote a single trade union to all banking professionals of the country.

  • To watch, promote, safeguard and further the interests, rights and privileges of the Members of the Union as working people.

    CBEU unconditionally stands to protect and to improve the rights and privileges of its Members at all times.

  • To improve the economic and social conditions of the Members of the Union and to promote their welfare.

    Besides the rights of Members, CBEU is also engaged in providing various welfare activities to its Members and their families in the form of insurance/donations and scholarships. We often concentrate on improving them further.

  • To improve the relations between the Members, between Members and their Employers, between Members and other employees.

    We believe in promoting strong camaraderie amongst our Members. CBEU is committed to uphold industrial peace on every possible occasion and settling issues / trade disputes amicably with relevant other stakeholders. It will resort to lawful industrial actions only as the final options under compelling circumstances.

  • To promote friendly relations with other Trade Unions and Organizations of national and international standing and to promote solidarity with such Organizations in matters concerning the rights of the working people.

    We believe in building meaningful strong bonds with our other counterparts locally as well as internationally in order to face ever-changing challenges of globalization. We form Fronts / Forums / Groups with other bodies of working people who share same sentiments with us.actions only as the final options under compelling circumstances.

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